Monday, June 13, 2011

If I had a million dollars

I would do some really dumb ass things. I’m not talking about the college money for the kids, health insurance, new house, car, trips, etc. kind of splurge I’m talking a serious splurge. What would you buy? 

Chatting with my friend Angie over at The Hollywood Revue made me wish I had this unlimited amount of money to spend on the Debbie Reynolds Auction. Some of you will sadly say, who is Debbie Reynolds? 

Well, she is a great actress who bought and collected some of the world's most wonderful classic movie memorabilia. 
She had hoped to open a museum one day but, for some reason, this never came to be. I would rather see this stuff in a museum but, sadly it is going up for auction. I suggest any movie fan check it out. It's amazing. There is so much stuff I would want and do want. I keep trying to convince myself I have nowhere to put it and seriously saving $2,000 plus for a hat or poster or whatever would be idiotic-right?

Well, If I had a million dollars I would go through this catalog of classic movie memorabilia and buy so much. This is a shortlist of what I would choose. 

1) Any and all of the old camera equipt.
2) The Valentino Costumes
3) The Harold Lloyd Suit FOR SURE!
4) Pickfords personal hats and trunks. I would wear a hat every day!
5) The Chaplin hat which is crazy expensive and overpriced in my opinion!
6) The Carole Lombard dress, which I would probably have the money for the lipo to wear that dress.
Yes, I would wear some of this stuff, it's so beautiful. I know that is TERRIBLE and shouldn’t be done but, I wouldn’t be able to resist!
7) All Katie Hepburn Dresses!  All Colbert Dresses!
9) Garbo’s Anna Karenina Dress.
10) Oh, The Marion Davies Paintings! What an amazing find! I know exactly where in my house they would look best!
11) All Norma Shearer Stuff, naturally!
12) All furniture.
13) The Clark Gable Robe that I would sleep with every night. 
14) Vivien Leigh’s suit from Waterloo Bridge.
15) The Claude Raines Suit.
16) Paul Henreid’s shirt from Now Voyager
17) Edward G. Robinson’s personal items
18) All Mildred Pierce stuff!
19) Cukor’s personal robe and stuff.
20) Both Peacock gowns!
21) All Ginger Rogers Stuff
22) Everything from singing in the rain.
23) The Lauren Bacall Wedding gown.
24) All Mogambo stuff.
25) Everything To Catch a Thief.
26) Everything from An Affair to Remember
27 The Penalty lobby card
28) The Harold Lloyd Poster
29) The Jean Harlow Portrait
I am more than sure this stuff would wildly exceed my million dollars but, I would also purchase every pirated classic film not officially released on DVD as well as every DVD in the TCM collection. On top of all of this, I would pay Robert Osborne a lot of Mula to introduce each film to me in a personalized introduction. HELLO NERD!

Lastly, I have tried to build up my own little collection of classic film stuff. 

Robert Osborne, Lauren Bacall, Tony Curtis, Ann Blythe, Liz Taylor, Joan Fontaine, Norma Shearer, Dorothy Janis, Doris Eaton Travis, Leslie Nielson, A Fake Carey Grant, More Lauren Bacall, Dyan Cannon, More Lauren Bacall, Patricia Neal, Ruth Hussey, Harold Lloyd, Paul Newman, and a few more. 😉

Biographies: William Randolph Hearst, Harold Lloyd, Ava Gardner, Bogart, Bacall, Frank Capra. Others: TCM film guide, 500 Films to see before you die, Gone With the Wind, Rhett Butler’s people (?) And many many more biographies and classic film books.

 My Casablanca poster, not really a collector's item but, love it anyway.

This has come from over 5 years of scrimping pennies and writing classic film stars. It hasn’t amounted to much but, someday I hope to share my collection and love of classic films with a kindred spirit. I don’t know if that will be Alex, Lucy, Madison, Emma, Rylee, Payten…any of these sweet angels. I don’t know, I just hope one of them shares my love and carries on my collection. 

What would you foolishly spend an obscene amount of money on?

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