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Showing posts from August 21, 2011

Philadelphia Story in Omaha

  Nothing ever possibly in the least ever happens here. Mother, how do you get smallpox?  To prove my inner and sometimes outer “nerdom” I have checked something off my Bucket List: To my all-time favorite film “The Philadelphia Story” in a theater. CHECK! Better yet, to see it with people whom I love, CHECK!  This was an early birthday celebration for me.  Again, what NERD would have an early birthday celebration for themself?  This nerd.  I gathered my sister, brother in law, and hub’s together to make the two-hour drive to see this film. My brother in law is not a black and white film fan so it was even more special that he agreed to go.  The theater was a small independent place that was decorated amazingly. Complete with a Lionel Barrymore & Orsen Wells autograph among others on the wall, posters, and great little murals. The theater only seated 100 and I was sad to see it didn’t fill up. Shame, Shame people! It went off without a hitch….well nearly. The projector got jammed a