OscarWelcome to my first Classic Film Post on my new/second blog. I have added and will continue to add a bit about myself on the About page but for now, on with the show.

Today I received my PDF schedule of the  16 Annual Kansas Silent Film Festival. 

I love this Festival. For one, I have a ton of amazing friends who always make the trip to Topeka.  We have all met through these few and far between festivals so each one is a fun gathering of sorts for us. Second, I live in small-town USA. We do not have Classic or Silent Film showings anywhere near us. I have held a few Harold Lloyd showings at his birth home but, besides that…..nada. So, having one only a few hours from where I live is very exciting. Every year it's like another Christmas to me,  So every year we load up and head to Topeka KS. Well, that is we try. Of the last 4 years, we have been snowed in 3 of those times. I’m talking roads closed due to snow. It’s so frustrating. I'm especially scared this year. It’s January 4th and it's about 58 degrees out. We have had only 2 “snow” days and neither is hardly worth mentioning. I know I'm going to trot around town with no coat, in this “heatwave” for the next month and a half, only to be snowed in on February 25th.

Last year was the most painful yet. The amazingly talented Annette Lloyd (Harold Lloyd biographer/lover) was the guest speaker and my all-time favorite silent film was shown as well. 1928’s Speedy, starring Harold Lloyd. (I found my love of silent through Lloyd, but this is a story for later) since I was in my teens I have said, If I ever get to see one silent on the big screen, it must be Speedy. Well, 2011 was my year….to get snowed out and end up crying all night. Yes, I am that big of a baby. But, how often will that chance come around? Especially around here! They even had  Benjamin Glazer‘s Academy Award statuette loaned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for  “Best Writing, Adaptation” for 7th Heaven. This was just an all-around heartbreaking year to miss.

Snow will be painful as I am super excited to see Trip To The Moon this year on the big screen. How excited to watch a film in a room full of others who understand the significance of it. For those of you who do not know, Trip to The Moon is a (1902) film directed by Georges Méliès. It's 14 minutes long but, quite amazing.  Yes, you may giggle at some of the animation and camera work, but at the time it was quite spectacular! For years this film has grabbed me every time it's been shown. If you ever get an extra 14 minutes, take a peek at it. How many times can you say you enjoyed a film that is over 100 years old?

This year they are also featuring some of my silent favorites. “Fatty” Arbuckle & Harry Langdon will be in the mix as well as John Gilbert. We have an exciting trip planned this year, so let’s either dump 20 feet of snow here now or March 1st. Thank you.

You can check out their website to see what films were shown in the past and see the great guest speakers they have had at http://www.kssilentfilmfest.org/ and if you are within about 6 hours of this festival, I recommend you come. We are a pretty great group of people, and the films are good too!