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 The lovely Kellee over at  Outspoken and Freckled reminded me that in all the excitement of my 11 classic film questions, I had forgotten to list my 11 things about myself. I guess in all honesty I prefer to discuss classic more than myself but, I digress. Here are my 11 rando things about myself.

Image1) I actually in a different way, full filled my “life long dream”. My dream as a kid was to be a photographer or writer and who did I want to work for? The President of the United States. I wanted to be his personal photographer who traveled with him or his speechwriter. I discovered that dream when I was in about 5th grade and a few weeks ago I didn't exactly conquer that actual dream but what I did do was cover the President as a member of the press (I work for a newspaper) and I got to both write about him and photograph him. So, My “life long dream” came true in a different way the year I turned 29.


2) I was a classic movie fan for a few years before I ever watched on Katharine Hepburn film. I had always felt she was highly overrated and could not find the reason people loved her. I wanted to find people who were under-appreciated to worship. Finally, since I am a HUGE Cary Grant fan I decided I had to give in and watch The Philadelphia Story. BAM, I was hooked and turns out it is my all-time favorite film. And yet another Hepburn fan was born. Now I can not get enough of her and will watch everything she is in. But, what craziness was running through my head to pretty much go three or so years boycotting her and her films. Look at how much time I wasted hating her just because everyone else loved her. I will be the first to admit, I am a total idiot. For my 28th Birthday my sister, her husband, and my husband took me to see it in a theater. It was the best birthday I have ever had. And my brother-in-law, who is a “hater” of Black and White films loved every second of it. So, I apologize Miss Hepburn for being too stubborn for my own good. I eat my words now and worship the ground you walked on.


3) This may sound like a huge plate of crazy but, I think the most beautiful and peaceful place in the world is the United States Capitol. On Sept. 10, 2011, our friends and us drove to the Capitol from where we were staying in Maryland. It was almost midnight, and almost eerily quiet. The only other people there were two large security guards. We hadn’t really known at the time that there were threats to the Capitol and maybe that is why we were alone, but at that moment it didn’t matter. It was beautiful, just magnificent and serene. I had never felt more at peace in my life. A few months later we went back and it was again still just as amazing as the first time. There were people everywhere and I still found it so peaceful, like it is where I belong. And, I guess that is why it is my favorite place on earth.

Image4) I am not Wildly into music. I am not sure why. Nerdy as it sounds when I ride in the car alone I listen to old Lux Radio Shows on my iPhone. I guess the soundtrack to my life would most definitely be a classic film score….and I am okay with that. If I had to listen to music, it would be Sinatra, Martin, Simon, and Garfunkel or something else bit old school.


5) Since I was a freshman in High School I have loved everything about History and Politics. I have hours of debates, on tape and DVD from the last 15 years. When I was about 8 I became obsessed with Jackie Kennedy and have been on a steady Love of politics track every since. I have scrapbooks I put together as a kid with everything Kennedy. I remember spending hours carefully ironing newspapers and national enquirers to keep the value up and wrinkles out. (My sweet grandmother's idea. she wasn’t that crafty, lol)  I noticed a few weeks ago that I had shelves and shelves of Kennedy books. So I counted…I have on my shelves right now 84 Kennedy books. when you throw in all of my other political books, the number grows to about 158. 158!!! Books all about Politics!  When the cable guy came to our new home he said he noticed I was from a military family. I just said, uh-huh. I am not. I just have a lot of Patriotic things including a flag carefully stored in a display box that had flown over the Capitol, another my brother in law few in our name in Afghanistan on his base, and photos of one of my best friends who was killed in Iraq 5 years ago. Then there is the “Democrat” room as it is so colorfully called. I have paintings of Bobby & Jack Kennedy, One of all the democratic presidents playing pool (I'm so in love with that one) an RFK poster from the event he was murdered, and more. So, I go from Classic film to Politics in the blink of an eye and love it.


6) Speaking of vast collections of “stuff” I have a Classic Movie room. Our attic in our new house had been converted into a large TV room or the term I hate to use “man cave” (ugh) anyway, I begged my husband to turn it into my Classic film room. this comes complete with hundreds of DVDs, Classic Film Decor, Posters, my collection of Autographs, and so much more. I love to just go sit and look at it. We don’t have a TV in there at the moment so we use the screen and projector to watch some silents at night up there. I am so in love with it and anytime yall want to come to visit, you have a room waiting for you up there! 🙂 Though it isn’t fully done now, it's a start!

Image7) I have one child. The most beautiful 6 year old you have ever seen. He is named after my grandfather and seriously the most wonderful little person ever. People give me a lot of grief for only having one kid, but during my pregnancy with him they found that I have a weak heart and having children is very hard on me. The advice was to not have anymore. I have struggled with this for years and have decided I would like one more, but I need health insurance to get my heart checked before we can proceed with any decision. I wish I could explain that to people who get one me about the fact we need more kids but, really at the moment it just isn’t possible. So, that is why I have one perfect child and no more. Maybe in time, maybe not. For now, he is the light of my life and I have him…and that is enough for me. On a brighter note, I have 9 nieces! 0 nephews. LOL. Alex is surrounded by women and I think he likes it!

8) My comfort food is Hot Wings with Bleu Cheese. I can not get enough, never ever! If I am down I always turn to wings, If I am happy…I turn to wings. If I had to choose my last meal, Wings would be it. I am a fanatic and I want to compete in a wing eating contest. Seriously. when I was in High School a group of friends and I would drive to the next town (since our town was 100 people with no restaurants or gas stations) we would drive the 20 minutes to get wings every Thursday night…for over two years. Now I live in a town that doesn’t serve them. Blasphemy I tell you! So now they are a luxury.

Image9) I have said this before and I will tell it again. Like many of you, I get Now Playing every month. I only look at the films from 1pm on during the workweek. Why do I do something so stupid? When I wake up in the morning, no matter where I am, D.C., Montana, Vegas, Deleware…anywhere I turn on the TV and see what is on. If it's something I really love I know my day will be great. If it is something I don't like, I know my day won't be as good. I watch it as I get ready for work. I believe if it's something good It makes my mood better and therefore I have a better day.  For example, Today “It Happened One Night” was on. I was thrilled, and so far my day has been pretty good. It is my “day gage” and I swear by it. Thank you, TCM.

10) I am a very shy person in real life who is known for her evil face. I don’t know why, I am almost painfully shy with people I don’t know. Once I know you, I promise I am a loud, annoying, barrel of laughs. On the other hand, The joke in my family is that my mom and my’s sitting face is evil-looking. I can be having a great time, but just sitting and listening to something or watching something or even thinking and I still have an evil look on my face. If you see me, I promise I’m not judging or hating (I promise I will be the last person to do either of those things) It's just the face my mom passed down to me. I am a glass half empty person most of the time, that comes from my job. Daily I get told how bad our newspaper is or how my photos/articles are terrible. I have found that people just like to complain and with my evil face, they target me first. lol. So, with the daily beating my coworker and I endure we have turned into very surly people. Sad, so sad. I hope it changes or people start to appreciate we work very hard and believe in our product. I guess this argument is for another time. but, I don't smile a big toothy smile a lot because I am ashamed of my teeth and self-conscious most of the time. Never take it personally! Inside I am happy. Outside I just look evil.


11) My guilty pleasure and my favorite newer movie is Beerfest. What more is there to say. Five hilarious guys in a beer drinking competition to defend the memory of their grandfather and honor their great-grandmother while representing the USA….come on. It’s too good. It’s just too damn good! I love to get a 6 pack and just sit and watch this movie. I laugh every. single. time. It hasn’t gotten old and I bet I have watched it roughly 100 times. If I am really in a guilty pleasure kind of mood, I top it with one of three shows. 30Rock, The League, or Arrested Development. I am almost ashamed to admit this to fellow Classic Film Fans but, I dig some toilet humor. Sorry. I said it.

I hope you have enjoyed these random facts about me. I had a hard time thinking of things and I hope you don’t think it's too lame. Also, don’t hate me for my weird quirks. 


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