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About me

  The lovely Kellee over at   Outspoken and Freckled  reminded me that in all the excitement of my 11 classic film questions, I had forgotten to list my 11 things about myself. I guess in all honesty I prefer to discuss classic more than myself but, I digress. Here are my 11 rando things about myself. 1) I actually in a different way, full filled my “life long dream”. My dream as a kid was to be a photographer or writer and who did I want to work for? The President of the United States. I wanted to be his personal photographer who traveled with him or his speechwriter. I discovered that dream when I was in about 5th grade and a few weeks ago I didn't exactly conquer that actual dream but what I did do was cover the President as a member of the press (I work for a newspaper) and I got to both write about him and photograph him. So, My “life long dream” came true in a different way the year I turned 29. 2) I was a classic movie fan for a few years before I ever watched on Katharine H