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TCMFF 2016 Day One

I had just gotten kicked out of my shuttle and was wandering down a street in Hollywood when my roommate Angie yelled at me from up the block. I had never been so happy to see someone in my life. She showed me how to get into our apartment and where we would be staying. To get into the apartment, you had to unlock a gate, climb some stairs, use your key fob to use the elevator, turn right, then left, then right again before you hit our door. It was an excursion in itself. I would occupy the left side of the bedroom, Angie, from a suburb of Detroit would take the right side, Kristen from Pasadena took the couch, and Jessica from South Carolina had the bad luck of getting the air mattress with the hole in it. We had a refrigerator filled with canned wine a television that we didn’t turn on once and a place to sleep. We were set for the next four days. After I unloaded my things, Angie showed me where we would be spending most of our time, the TLC Chinese Theaters and down a block an