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TCMFF 2016 More from Day Three

Saturday, April 30, 2016 I only watched two full feature films all day Saturday. The morning started at the historic Grauman's Egyptian Theatre a block from our apartment. I had planned to see  Field of Dreams  or  One Man’s Journey , but everyone was buzzing about the  90th Anniversary of Vitaphone  presentation. Ron Hutchinson, a widely recognized film historian, founded ‘The Vitaphone Project,” which seeks out missing soundtrack disks and picture elements for early talkie shorts and features. The project has found over 3500 previously lost soundtrack discs and restored over 90 early sound shorts from the twenties and thirties. I love film, and I love history so at the last minute I turned left to head to the Egyptian. I am so glad I did. We were treated to 11 early sound shorts from Warner Bros. They included many vaudeville acts like George Burns and Gracie Allen who was so adorable my heart almost couldn’t take it; Baby Rose Marie and my personal favorite Vitaphone sh