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TCMFF 2016 Days Three, Four and Faye!

Saturday, April 30 The midnight movie was a 3D viewing of the newly restored sci-fi flick  Gog . I’ll admit, I nodded my way in and out of consciousness throughout the entire film, so I can’t give you any details except Herbert Marshall, and Richard Egan are in there and it's very campy. I wish I wouldn’t have fallen asleep but I know I’ll end up buying it on DVD. Sunday, May 1. The last day of the festival started off a bit rough for me. I was up early after only three hours of sleep with an upset stomach. I knew I had played it fast and loose with the fast food and now I was paying for it. I had planned to see  M*A*S*H  with Angie but decided a light breakfast may be a better idea. I found a Starbucks with the most beautiful view of the Hollywood sign. I bought a paper and just sat and enjoyed my last day in California. I had quite a few events scheduled, but as I sat enjoying the view and my lemon bread. I decided to cut back on what I had planned and just take it easy