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Dear 2016 TCMFF attendees and staff

Photo from Raquel at  Out of the Past On April 28, after several flight delays and mini breakdowns, I made my way west to Hollywood. I made the trip alone-only personally knowing two people who would be attending the festival. I've known several of the attendees of the festival for years through social media. We have bonded over our love of classic films, Cary Grant, Buster Keaton, and hard liquor drinks. Many of these people I consider close friends who understand the feelings I have for Beatrice Lillie and Harold Lloyd while every other person in my life asks “who?” Way back in August I agreed to share a room with a girl I've talked to for years. I wasn’t anxious at all about spending five days sharing a room with her and having her show me the ropes of the festival. We planned and often talked about how wonderful it was going to be. A few months before the Festival, two more roommates came on board with us. Two girls, I knew but was admittedly nervous about rooming wi