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How I approach films during the TCMFF

I wasn’t born into the world of classic films. Most of the people who attend the TCM Film Festival are lifelong classic film fans. There is a handful of us who have developed our love of film over time. I would say I’m about 15 years into my ‘film education.’ I'm still a teenager learning the ropes. When TCM announced its first Film Festival, I knew I desperately wanted to attend. It took me a few years of saving and learning what my taste in film was. I had to watch hundreds of movies to determine what genre I preferred, what actors and actresses I gravitated to and what made it so special to me. I needed to know that it was going to be worth the money for me to attend. The first year I attended was in 2016. I went solo, but my friends Angie and Jess took me under their wings. Angie let me tag along to most of the showings she wanted to attend. When I went with her, they were films I wouldn’t have chosen myself. I fell in love. I learned something new about myself, and