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TCMFF 2018-I'll just move into the Egyptian Theatre

Saturday, April 28, 2018 When I received the schedule for the Festival, this was the day that I had no problem scheduling. It was a slam dunk for me. I looked at it and knew exactly what films I would be seeing all day long. For the first time since I started attending the festival, my schedule didn’t change from the moment I received the schedule. I planned to see His Girl Friday (1940); This Thing Called Love (1940); Wife vs. Secretary (1936); Girls About Town (1931); Show People (1928); The Big Lebowsk i (1998); Night of the Living Dead (1968). To start the day we went to the famed Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (TCL Chinese Theatre) to see one of my favorite films of all time, His Girl Friday . When the schedule was announced I didn’t think twice about seeing this movie at the world-famous Hollywood theatre-however was the festival drew closer I went back and forth with my decision. I wondered if I should try to see something I hadn’t seen before, but when it came down to