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What film 'broke you?'

A few weeks ago I went with Brian to see the newest version of A Star is Born It was my second time seeing it and Brian’s first. Okay, gang, I won't sugar coat it-I love Cooper’s telling of this tale. The star who is born is Bradley Cooper, and I can’t get enough of it. I have heard that people love it and people absolutely hate it. I get it-I really do. I have seen all of the previous versions of ‘Star,’ and honestly, I had to go into Cooper’s version by separating myself from the others. I went in telling myself that this was an entirely new film.  What this post isn’t is a review of the film, what this is, is a question for all of you  When Brian and I walked out of A Star is Born , he was moved to tears and couldn’t speak. We walked a few blocks in complete silence. He had seen the Frederick March version and absolutely loved it. In fact, he still declares it the best; however, he walked out of the Cooper telling of the story, turned to me and said ‘ No other film has ev