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My five favorite classic film discoveries of 2018

This week we closed the chapter on 2018, and while I didn't get a lot accomplished in the writing or photography department, I did quite a few films under my belt. I have a terrible habit of watching films that I've already seen. I spend a solid twenty minutes arguing with myself while choosing a movie to watch. I always end up choosing something I know I'll like and at the end of the day I make the decision that I'd rather not waste time on something I might not like. I shoot for something I know I'll like. Only about 15 percent of the time I’ll take the time to sit down and discover a new film. This year I discovered several films I enjoyed but there were five that really stuck out. 1) There Was a Crooked Man , 1970. This film starring Kirk Douglas and Henry Fonda was way out of my wheelhouse. I shy away from westerns, but this is not your typical western. I found myself on the couch one particular Sunday watching another film on TCM and this movie im