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It's here! My (our) tentative TCMFF 2019 schedule

First and foremost-find me at the Festival to get one of my 100 Robert Redford ‘The Way We Watch’ buttons! This is the first time I am giving out buttons and I am so excited about this! I’ll also have some from last year that I made myself but, I was too chicken to hand out! I’m living out loud in 2019 ya’ll! Prepare accordingly!
This year marks the tenth Annual Turner Classic Film Festival in the heart of Hollywood and Raquel sitting around them.
the 25th anniversary of TCM. This year’s theme is ‘Follow Your Heart: Love at the Movies.’ I feel like I spend all year working and waiting for the festival to get here and then boom there it is again. This past year just flew by, and now I have suitcases sitting on my dining room table with Robert Redford buttons and cardboard cutouts of
I usually like to get the schedule ‘out to the people’ and ask for opinions. I won’t lie, I usually have a good idea of what I’ll see, but I like to have a chance to talk about anything classic film or TCM related. The past few years Brian and I go over the schedule and decide what each of us will see. We usually do a few films together because we have a lot of the same tastes, but this year it seems like I may see him a few times a day.
The day we arrive is going to be somewhat low-key. We don’t have a lot of plans yet. A few weeks ago I was alerted that I won a private tour of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences' Margaret Herrick Library through TCM Backlot.  The Library is a world-renowned reference and research collection and an invaluable source of movie history.  I asked Angie to join me that afternoon for the tour before spending a night reconnecting with all the pals I’ve been missing all year. Thursday morning will also be for reconnecting with friends and possibly making an expensive trip to Larry Edmunds Book Shop.
Until we get to sunny California I’ll be dreaming of this messy tentative schedule that I’ll have sitting at an everlasting arms reach.
A friend’s dad made this for me because of my love of Dark Passage.
A friend’s dad made this for me because of my love of Dark Passage.
On Thursday night our tradition is to attend the red carpet arrivals. This has been such a fun tradition that I have done it every year that I’ve attended the festival. However, this is the first year that I plan to skip out early and miss dinner so I can get to a movie in the first block of films. One of the few certainties on my schedule is Dark Passage (1947) starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Its always been one of my favorites and I couldn’t pass the opportunity to see it on the big screen. Brian said he’s probably going to join me for this one.
The second block of films is up in the air. I may sneak over to the Hollywood Roosevelt to catch the last ¾ of Ocean’s 11 (1960) poolside, or I may go to Mogambo (1953) or The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947). ‘Bachelor’ isn’t one of my favorite Grant/Loy films, but I don't hate it. I just think it would be a fun film to see with a crowd. Brian
Brian is a bigger fan of Bachelor but said he’s a bit worried about the lines due to the fact it’s a nitrate, so he’s leaning more toward Mogambo since he’s never seen it.
Friday morning is INSANITY. I think each year that I have gone, Friday morning has been up in the air. I wait until I’m eating breakfast until I decide what I’m going to do that day. The Hand and Footprint ceremony always has a lot to do with that. It’s such a fun thing to be a witness to, but there's always great films that morning too. Each year I choose the H&FP ceremony, but this year I honestly don’t know what I’ll decide.  It’s between The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946) because I’ve never seen it (hides, I’m sorry!) or Merrily We Go To Hell (1932) another one I haven’t seen, but I love Fredric March. So I can’t tell you where I will end up. Brian is leaning toward Fredric, but if there is a theater four type of situation and he can’t get in he’s headed to The Postman Always Rings Twice.
The second block is impossible for me. Brian has told me that he has absolutely no idea what he’ll do. I love Robert Redford and Out of Africa is (1985) is crazy romantic, but Sleeping Beauty is, was and always will be my favorite Disney film. Since I was a kid, it was my favorite. I genuinely don’t know if I can resist seeing it on the big screen. I think it would be so magical. So I’m leaning toward Sleeping Beauty.
The third block of the day was a no brainer for Brian, he’s going to Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). I will be trying to decide between Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927). I love silent films and to see this masterpiece on a big screen in Hollywood would be incredible. My Favorite Wife (1940) is an old favorite, but it's being introduced by Jennifer Grant, daughter of Cary Gray and Mario Cantone. So that would be a great intro. That may be a day of decision for me.
In the fourth block, Brian’s headed to theatre six for the pre-code Vanity Street (1932) and the noir: Open Secret (1948). I want to see Shirley Maclaine, so I’ll be headed to the Chinese Theatre for Steel Magnolias (1989). I have thought about how big of a mess I’d be if I sat all the way through SM, so I may skip out early for Open Secret (1948) or head over to the Roosevelt to see The Opposite Sex (1956) poolside. I love Leslie Nielsen, and anything that may be kind of related to The Women is a yes for me.
Brian is spending the fifth block of the night at Grauman's to see Do the Right Thing (1989). We are both hoping to end the night with the midnight movie, Santo vs. the Evil Brain (1961).
Saturday is all about Jeff Goldblum for me. I’ll be missing a lot of films I genuinely love and have been waiting years for TCMFF to show, but alas, I’ve loved Jeff longer.
That morning I plan to make a last-minute decision between Double Wedding (1937) because I love Myrna Loy and William Powell or From Here to Eternity (1953) because I’ve never seen it, (again, I know-sorry!) Brian is headed to Double Wedding and depending on lines From Here to Eternity is his second choice.
I am skipping the entire next block because there really isn’t anything I am dead set to see, so I've decided to use this time to get a good sit down lunch. Brian said he would join me for lunch before he heads off to Working Girl (1988) and I go to get in line for Jeff. I am taking zero changes. I would have probably attended the All About Nora panel at Club TCM. That looks absolutely incredible! It’s all about Nora Ephron with her son in attendance. I am so upset that I’m missing this.
Then Jeff Goldblum. Nashville (1975), Brian said he may try to attend this but isn’t sure yet. So Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is his other choice. I am so upset I’ll miss Butch and Sundance. My beloved Robert or Jeff. Decisions like this are so incredibly painful!
For the next block, I plan to head over to the Roosevelt to catch the end of The Bad Seed (1956). This film is so bonkers, and I thought it would be a blast to see poolside. I may go see Indiscreet (1958), but I’m not sure yet. Then I guess I’ll be off for dinner alone before the midnight movie, The Student Nurses (1970). Brian’s going to see Star Wars, obviously. Saturday is an exciting night for the McKim family. Star Wars and Jeff. #GodBless.
Larry Edmunds usually has a great guest on Sunday morning for a book signing, but nothing has been announced yet. I’ll keep my ear to the ground for that. Until then both Brian and I have Holiday (1938) as our number one for that morning. It’s a staple in our home. We love that movie. The Defiant Ones (1958) is our back-up if we have any issues getting into Holiday.
The second block is a no-brainer for me. It’s one of the first ‘older’ films I remember watching as a kid, Yours, Mine and Ours (1968). This is the first film I’ll be seeing at the newly renovated Legion Theater Post 43. I’m very excited about this. My co-worker has been talking about this place for years when I go to LA because she’s read and watched shows about some haunting occurrences there. I’m very excited to get in there! Brian is going to be joining me for this one too.
In the next block, I plan to see Cold Turkey (1971). I had no plans to see this film because the title and year just didn’t intrigue me. I finally read the description and thought it sounded great, and anything with Dick Van Dyke sounded interesting. Brian is shooting for The Killers (1964) in that time block.
Sunday afternoon is all up in the air due to TBA’s. I really want to see A Woman of Affairs (1928) because I won’t be in the Egyptian Theatre enough this year and I love Garbo. I also missed seeing Gone With The Wind in a theater THREE TIMES in the past five years due to tornadoes, snow, and flooding. I feel like the universe was telling me to wait until now or maybe it was telling me to never see it in a theater. Brian is shooting for The Godfather Part II (1974) unless the TBA’s are must see’s for him.
I would usually joke about how this schedule would change, but honestly, there isn’t a ton of wiggle room for me this year. In years past there was three films and a Club TCM event in each block that I needed to see. This year everything comes down to two films, so I usually only have two choices. My only 100 percent concrete plans are Dark Passage and Nashville. I can’t wait to see what happens and TCM celebrates this milestone year.
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