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It's here! My (our) tentative TCMFF 2019 schedule

First and foremost-find me at the Festival to get one of my 100 Robert Redford ‘The Way We Watch’ buttons! This is the first time I am giving out buttons and I am so excited about this! I’ll also have some from last year that I made myself but, I was too chicken to hand out! I’m living out loud in 2019 ya’ll! Prepare accordingly! This year marks the tenth Annual Turner Classic Film Festival in the heart of Hollywood and Raquel sitting around them. the 25th anniversary of TCM. This year’s theme is ‘Follow Your Heart: Love at the Movies.’ I feel like I spend all year working and waiting for the festival to get here and then boom there it is again. This past year just flew by, and now I have suitcases sitting on my dining room table with Robert Redford buttons and cardboard cutouts of I usually like to get the schedule ‘out to the people’ and ask for opinions. I won’t lie, I usually have a good idea of what I’ll see, but I like to have a chance to talk about anything classic