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TCMFF 2019 - The B Sides

In the past year, I’ve been pretty open with my struggles with mild depression and significant anxiety. My battle with depression started about five years ago but had gotten terrible right before I attended my first Turner Classic Film Festival in 2016. My breakdown was reasonably public. I haven’t spoken about this to anyone, so I am putting it all out there right now, and I am horrified to put it in ‘print.’ I wrote a column in town for the local newspaper. I had an award-winning column that I feel resonated with people because I was brutally honest. I put it all out there all the time. I told stories of my life, the good and the bad. Things at the paper went from bad to really bad, and I took everything personally. When someone complained about the paper or the owners of the paper (of whom I loved), I took a hit and with each hit my mental state got worse and worse. My column suffered as well. I went from writing about all the fun and happy things I was doing to h