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Classic Movie Tag

Tag!  I’m back, and I’m a few weeks behind-don’t tell anyone that this is the story of my life. I have been so excited to participate in Raquel’s #ClassicMovieTag since she announced it on her blog, Out Of The Past last month. I had planned to do a video, but I  have not been able to get myself together and get it done.  Now, on to the show!  Here are the ‘rules.’ Raquel had ten movie prompts and encouraged people to participate any way they would like whether it be by blog, YouTube, Twitter Thread, Facebook, Podcast, etc., just use the tag #ClassicMovieTag and give the girl credit! I mean she should enjoy the answers, right? Now for real on with the show!  1)    What’s one classic movie that you recommend to people over and over and over again? I am going to break the rules right out of the gate and give two movies. I really wish I would have done this on video so you could have seen me swoon and passionately plea with you too, (my hands are clasped t