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Ten silent films I insist you see

Silent films are criminally underrated. I know several people who won’t even give them the time of day. I confess that I was this way many years ago. In high school, I would see TCM’s Silent Sunday Night promos and shiver in horror. In my mind silent movies were creepy and who wanted to watch all of these overacting long-dead people in a film? Not me. I’ve told the story before so I won’t tell it again, but one night I found Harold Lloyd’s Speedy on TCM. The print was clear and didn’t for one-second look like was shot in 1928, it looked like it was shot a couple of years ago and made to look like a silent. I was mesmerized and hooked from that moment on. I did everything I could to watch Harold Lloyd films. (I later found out he was born only miles from me and that put me on a whole new level of fandom) I saved up money for months to buy the Harold Lloyd film collection and begged anyone I knew to watch one of his films with me. I knew I could turn them into die-hard fans o