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‘From Under My Hat’ By Hedda Hopper LA Times, Sept. 16, 1952.

As the editor of a newspaper, I often come across interesting old classic film articles while doing research. From time to time I'll reprint them here to share.  ‘From Under My Hat’ By Hedda Hopper LA Times, Sept. 16, 1952.  The night Norma got under Carole Lombard’s skin.   (This is the 10 th  in a series of 14 installments condensed from Hedda Hopper’s autobiography, “From Under My Hat,” copyrighted by Hedda Hopper and published by Doubleday  Co., Inc.) Norma Shearer and I worked until midnight one night, then started together for our dressing rooms. It was dark and seemed very quiet.  Sitting in the doorway of my room was a lion. I let out a screech you could have heard in Pomona and – Norma at my heels-ran back toward the set. I found a man there and tried to tell him about it, but my teeth were chattering so I could hardly get out the words.  Norma met Irving Thalberg at the Selig Zoo. Many stars had no time for Irving. Let it be said that he had little time for girls. He hadn