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The TCMFF Schedule is here and available for download!

The TCMFF Schedule is here and available for download!


Huge thanks to Kate Gabrielle for sharing her format with me. Visit her site here for your festival buttons. The deadline is the 14th so hurry!

Download the Printable pages for the TCMFF HERE...





This is the first time I've done this so its not really pretty and its not super great, but I tried. Give me a little break, I hurried so we can plan our schedules as soon as possible. I havent even had a lot of time to take a look yet. I know there are some line ups that are going to be impossible. Maybe the worst I've seen in my three years of going! If the font isn't big enough or you have any issues, please let me know and I'll see what I can do to correct the problem. I hope this is good enough until we get our hands on those gorgeous little TCMFF booklets when we get in Hollywood!

Visit my site after the festival for my post-festival write-up's and throughout the year for some fun stuff. If you see me around stop and say hi! Let's grab some food or talk about films, or food or whatever! I'll have a popcorn purse probably and a guy with me with glasses and a deep voice. He is a pretty happy go lucky guy who is always happy to talk about films too, or sports if you're into that sort of thing, which I am not (unless its baseball.)

If you're thinking about stepping up you're social game and networking, here are some tips from my pal Lauren over at Hollywood Party. This year I want to meet everyone, take all the pictures, and come home with so many stories that 2018 zips by and the 2019 TCM Film Festival is here before we know it. 

See you in thee weeks!

How I approach the TCMFF films.

How I approach the TCMFF films.