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January 2019 Film Discoveries

January 2019 Film Discoveries

This year I decided I wanted to keep track of all the films I watched in hopes that I would stop rewatching so many old episodes of 30 Rock and Real Housewives. My goal is to watch a movie a day. So far I have been hitting my, and in doing so, I have discovered several films I love. 

In January here is the list of films I watched

New To Me

It Happened in Flatbush – 1942

Old Acquaintance – 1943

The Great Lie - 1941

Laura – 1944

Jane Fonda In Five Acts – 2018

Lady For A Day – 1933

When We First Met – 2018

Lured – 1947

The Big House – 1930

One More Tomorrow – 1946

The Big Chill – 1983

Arsene Lupin – 1932

Love Happens – 2009

The Boy Downstairs – 2017

Set It Up – 2018

The Feminine Touch – 1941

10 Years – 2011

Labor Day – 2013

That Summer – 2018

Films I had seen before

You Can’t Take It With You – 1938

The Awful Truth – 1937

Twentieth Century – 1934

There Was a Crooked Man – 1970

It Takes Two – 1995

Singing In The Rain – 1952

The Divorce of Lady X – 1938

Now Voyager – 1942

Without Love – 1945

You’ve Got Mail – 1998

Nine To Five – 1980

Forces of Nature – 1999

The Big Chill – 1983 - I loved it so much I watched it again.

I had some great film discoveries in January and a few duds. My greatest film discovery was The Big Chill. This 1983 film with an all-star cast including my beloved Jeff Goldblum, Kevin Kline, and Tom Berenger was an eye-opening experience. I wish I could explain to you why its taken me this long to watch this movie, but I honestly have no idea why. This was one of those films that left me shell-shocked. 

A group of college friends comes together for the funeral of their beloved friend Alex. In doing so, they discuss their lives and their future. The soundtrack is bonkers as is the cast. 

TCM played Old Acquaintance and The Great Lie back to back a few weeks ago, and I was blown away by both. While I loved both of them, I enjoyed Old Acquaintance. Bette Davis’ portrayal of Kit Marlow going against her frenemy Miriam Hopkins (Millie) who is jealous of her fame and love of Millie’s daughter Deirdre is emotionally moving. 

When I heard a few years ago that there was a film that paired two of my favorite actors, Chester Morris, and Robert Montgomery, I was in. So when TCM aired The Big House last month, I made sure I was there for it. Chester Morris is one of my beloved favorites and so underrated it hurts my heart. 

The film takes place in an overcrowded prison and involves a naïve Montgomery and reformed Morris. When Morris escapes the prison, he falls in love with Montgomery’s sister. He returns to the jail and is determined to get out the right way, but all hell breaks loose. I love Chester Morris, and in my eyes, he can do no wrong, so this is the perfect film. 

A few other films of note are Laura staring Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney and Jane Fonda in Five Acts. The movie I was most disappointed in was It Happened in Flatbush and Arsene Lupin. On my list of films I rewatched, there was a film that I watched again, and I wished that I hadn’t. Don’t watch Forces of Nature again. I don’t recommend it, and I’m not sure why I did. 

 Films broken down by year.

1930’s - 7

1940’s – 9

1950’s – 1

1960’s – 0

1970’s – 1

1980’s -  3

1990’s – 3

2000’s – 1

2010’s - 7

Film events coming up this year: I’ll be attending the Kansas Silent Film Festival in Topeka at the end of this month, the TCM Classic Film Festival in April and I’ll be seeing Jane Fonda in Kansas City in July. Any other Midwest events are welcome suggestions! If you’re attending any of these events, let me know.

Smile: How Young Charlie Chaplin Taught the World to Laugh (and Cry), by Gary Golio

Smile: How Young Charlie Chaplin Taught the World to Laugh (and Cry), by Gary Golio

My five favorite classic film discoveries of 2018

My five favorite classic film discoveries of 2018