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Aunt Overload

First published February 24, 2012

My sister finally announced she was expecting #2. I cannot tell you how over the moon my little family is.

The truth of the matter is, I would love #2. I really would and here is where it gets all too serious. (blech) We tried for #2 for over a year. When it didn’t happen, I was okay with it. We told ourselves that we have our one amazing, beautiful, gifted child and that was more than enough for us. After a trip to the Dr. and review of my history, it was safe to say, for my health, one will be all for us. With him, I had heart issues. My heart just pumped way to fast and hard near the end of my pregnancy that my Dr. mentioned that any actual labor would and could be very harmful to both baby and I. So, after talking to him we decided that a C-section was the way to go. Today, I get such severe heart palpitations that I get very winded, dizzy and sleepy. I have to lie down and take deep breaths until it starts to beat a bit more normal. Since I don’t have insurance and DO NOT want to pay the thousands of dollars, it would take to do more testing on my heart to determine if it is strong enough for pregnancy #2. So one is our lucky number. (I know my smoking is harmful to, and I've cut way back and plan to stop this year)
Off that yucky dangerous stuff and on to the second light of my life. My youngest niece. She is my sister’s first child, and I get the biggest kick out of her. She is hilarious, and when I look at her, I see big giant brown eyes that in a small way mirror mine. A wider nose that matches mine and my sisters and I see a little of me in her. Since I will probably never have a daughter of my own, she is what I get to see when I imagine what my daughter would be like. She does look like her Daddy, but there are most defiantly hints of my sister in there. And if you know me, you know my sister, and I look ALOT alike! I hope with baby two; I can see more of me in her. My son is a long legged, blonde, beauty with long lashes and big brown eyes. He is the spitting image of my sister. I see myself in him, but more people say he looks like my sister than anyone else. I tend to agree, and I do love it.

My niece, Lou used to favor me. She is now branching out to other people. (I HATE IT) But, I loved to walk in the door to a big happy GIKKI!!! Now Its, Where is Alex? (My son) I love she loves him so much, but I miss having pictures colored of me, cuddles and lots of Gikki's.
So besides all of that what is the best part of being an aunt?

And being the fun aunt who breaks the rules just a little bit.... 
Okay, Lou, I'll give you a few skittles. The little girl’s big eyes get bigger. But it will be our secret. (It's 7:45 on a Tuesday night) Do not tell your mom. She smiles at me and shakes her head yes. I crush up the cold skittles and give them to her knowing that once that sugar hits her system, I will be on my way home. (Sorry sister) Being an aunt is all about giving. Some candy here and there, babies, things that make noise, pink things, and later maybe some of my wisdom. (Do I have any?)
What makes me the most excited about being an Aunt is all of the things I got from my Aunts. The memories I have of them that I think of daily or share with my son, and hope to share with my nieces. I hope I always stay close to them and they will feel the way about me.
My Aunt Karla was born and raised in Texas, her accent is amazing. I could listen to her talk for hours (still could!) So tall, always had her makeup and hair perfect, She was what I wanted to look like when I grew up. I learned how to properly put on eyeliner when I was about 13 or so and stayed a week with my Aunt Karla and Uncle Danny in Texas. I remember watching my Aunt put it on while we were in the car headed to Dallas. I watched her so carefully and memorized it all. To this day I can close my eyes and picture that moment. I love that.
My Aunt Amy always had Flintstones Push pops in the freezer at her house, and always let my sister, and I wear her old Cheerleading uniforms. When I was in junior high, she drove my friends and me to volleyball camp about 40 miles away ever day for a week or two. (That is a good aunt!)  When I was little, I thought she looked just like Kayla from Days Of Our Lives (Remember Kayla and Patch?), and that was so cool.
My other Aunt who has is not to really in our lives anymore was the crazy single fun aunt. She always had excellent gifts like my first Caboodle case. She introduced my sister and me to Meatloaf and singing, "You took the words right out of my mouth" in the car. And was goofy as hell in the best possible way.
My Aunts rocked! I hope in 25 years Lou says the same thing about me. My Aunt Nikki Rocks.
So, Congratulations to my sister and brother-in-law. #2 is due to arrive around my birthday. Let's hope this one looks like my sister so I can get that "I get my good looks from my aunt" shirt I have been eying. Because Lou looks too much like daddy for me to pull that off.

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