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Lucy's two.

First published February 7, 2012

Today is my niece's birthday. She is two years old. I'm just her aunt, and I can't begin to wrap my head around the fact that it has already been two years since she came rocking into our lives!

The day she was born was Super Bowl Sunday. I can't tell you who played but, I can tell you how the two days before went second by second. 

Since little girl L was a bit stubborn and wasn't showing any signs of being ready to join us, her mom, dad, and my family decided to go to my favorite Steak place. All week I had thought about that Blackened Sirloin melting in my mouth on Saturday night. Friday night came, and I got a call from my sister. She was having some contractions. I was overjoyed but a bit disappointed. I wanted to have a big juicy steak in my belly before she got here.

No such luck. I waited until the next day and practically floated the 45 miles to my sister's house. We hung around all day, chatting and waiting.  Early evening we all decided to head to the hospital, another 20 miles away. My Mom, Step Dad and I decided to grab some dinner before the big arrival. It was such a nerve-racking few minutes. We all sat quietly eating as fast as we could. I knew deep down that there was no way she was going to have that baby during dinner, but I was so worried that I didn't want to chance it!

We made it back, and there was a lot of sitting. My dad got there, and we just talked and pretty much annoyed my sister I think. We were in an old hospital that had old radiator heat. My brother in law slept in a recliner they brought him, my dad in a rocking chair, my sister didn't sleep but laid in bed, and I laid across three wood chairs next to the heater. It was pretty cold out, but so hot in the room we decided to open the window for some air. So, now I'm laying with my face an inch from the open window. I'm not sure how I didn't get pneumonia! I think I slept maybe 20 minutes. I was up and down all night as was everyone else. I had brought a ton of movies, books, magazines, etc. to keep myself busy....and I didn't touch one of them! I was too excited I was all over the place. That Sunday morning my dad and I ventured out into the freshly fallen snow to get some breakfast. We went to McDonald's and just kind of sat. We watched it snow and watched people come and go. Again, we were so ready for the baby to come and getting very anxious. We loaded up on coffee and went back to the hospital. Nearly the entire time we sat in that room it snowed.

The next few hours where a whirl of Doctors, nurses, and excitement.  I got to witness her arrival. Due to my C-Section and complications, I got to see my son for a second then I was knocked out for about an hour after. So seeing her come into the world was such an amazing experience. She already had her little personality and grumpy look that still shows up often today. She was a chubby, grumpy, beautiful little angel. I could never thank my sister enough for letting me be a part of something so special.

I hung out for a while but wanted to give the new parents some time alone. So, I loaded up in my old beater car and headed the 60 miles home, in the snow. I was so exhausted I listened to a lot of music up full blast with the windows down. All the way home I was on cloud nine. I taped some of my drive home to show her when she is older.  I believe I just needed the activity so I wouldn't fall asleep. I made it back in time to kick my husband and son out of the house and fall asleep on the couch. It was amazing.

Here we are two years later and as I type this, its starting to snow. I like to think Little girl L's arrival has brought us a sweet, pure, beautiful girl and sweet, pure, beautiful snow every year to celebrate her arrival.

Misty water-colored memories.

Misty water-colored memories.

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