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Misty water-colored memories.

Misty water-colored memories.

First published February 6, 2012

I have been up in the air about what to blog about. I started 100 things I'm grateful for last week, and as luck would have it, half way through Firefox shut down and didn't save it. Awesome. So, I'm taking a break from that and fast forwarding to this weekend.

We finally got the first snow of the season. Maybe not the first snow but, the first snow we could sled in. About 9:00 p.m. Saturday night the snow finally got deep enough to sled in. After watching the weather, I figured out that it was going to melt Sunday morning and fast. So, I spelled out to My hubby, Should we take him S-L-E-D-D-I-N-G? The boy jumped up and yelled, SLEDDING?!?!
Damn, we can't spell much anymore.
I said, ummm...no. I kept gauging Hub's reaction.
He reminded me that since his spinal injury he wouldn't be able to sled. I said, well we can take the camera, and you can watch. So, we put on a dozen layers of clothes, coveralls, and socks and made it to the park to sled. We were all alone, and it was great. We spent a good half an hour going up and down the hill until My husband said he was cold and ready to head home. I had recently eaten an enchilada and drank a cup of coffee, and it was all sitting in my throat, so I was ready to go home as well.
It was a great night and a great memory. I hope it's one of those memories he carries forever and tells his children about. "Your grandma and grandpa took me out sledding one night before the snow melted" It was dark, we were the only people out, and It was till snowing so hard that all you could hear was the snow hitting you in the face and ears. It was so quiet and beautiful!

Sorry I'm not adding the all the photos because I'm still trying to stay under the radar since they won't let me make this blog private unless I want to jump a thousand hoops.

I always share stories with my son about things I did at his age or my favorite memories. I have so many great sledding memories with my parents. They always took us every year. Now I wonder if they did it because they loved it as much as my sister and I. They have some hilarious late 80's early 90's videos of all of us sledding. I need to find those to show my son; he would love it!

Last Christmas I wanted to get my son a sled. My husband said, let's wrap it. I didn't want to. I remembered very vividly one year my sister and I both getting sleds and they were leaned up by the tree. When I think back at my Christmas memories, that is one that sticks out. I mentioned it to my sis, and she agreed, she also remembered that very vividly. Its the little things your children remember. I don't remember anything else I got that year but, I remember that sled. Maybe my son won't remember us dressing up to go, actually being there or going down the hill one time, but maybe he will remember us laughing hard, making snow angels or running around catching snowflakes on our tongues. I know I will remember all of it and how we turned a quiet Saturday night in front of the TV into one of our best family memories to date. 
Oh, and of course the snow was almost entirely gone today, but the frozen fog on the trees made for a beautiful sight!

Standing in line for seven hours in 2008

Standing in line for seven hours in 2008

Lucy's two.