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To Andy-on your birthday.

To Andy-on your birthday.

Dear Andy-

To Tell The Truth, the past couple years have been a bit of a struggle for me though I try to act Semi-Tough, many days I am merely Hanging by a Thread. I pretend that I’m on Fantasy Island but, I’ve found myself in some dark places. As I have buried myself in those dark places where I think nobody can find me there you are, The Man in the Santa Claus Suit, showing up every time. Though I may not always reply know that I see you. You are my Hero at Large. 

Let’s become A Bucket of Blood brothers and call our gang the Susan Slade kids…no that’s weird wait……What’s My Line?

Oh, yeah-It was films and these crazy friends of ours, these ‘Weekend Warriors’ if you will, that brought us together, or maybe you knew the Password to my soul. I think the universe knew that in this Match Game we call life there would come a day that we would need each other to lean on for one reason or another. You have introduced me to new wonderful friends, and It’s Not Easy for me to make new friends, but you all bring so much joy and laughter into my life, and I am forever grateful for that. You have made this Cannonball Run much more enjoyable, my life is now a Cabaret, and I have learned to Love They Neighbor. 

So today I celebrate you on your birthday. I wish we could splash good wishes for you all over The Front Page of every paper from here to Hawaii Five-O. Win, Lose or Draw, we will be friends forever as long as you don’t act like one of The Snoop Sisters or a Tattletale. 

I feel like you, Jill, Daniel, JP, Angie and I are all one big happy Partridge Family, Bewitched with each other. This is only Act One of our life long friendship. As long as we continue to have our dollar doodle days, films and friendship, we’ll never want to Murder, She Wrote each other. Let’s all sail away on The Love Boat II and hope that Death Takes a Holiday on this blessed day.

 I am so happy that you and Bernard Whalen "Bert" Convy are a part of my life.

Happy Birthday, may The Silent Force be with you.

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So long Paul Simon...

So long Paul Simon...